£30 For Every Referral

Refer us to your friends & family members and earn £30 for every person you refer. If you refer just 10 people in a month, that's £300 straight in your pocket. You can refer our Service on any social media platform i.e. Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter etc or to your friends in the gym, pub or Masjid etc.



Terms & Conditions:


1. Ask your friends to use ONLY 0870 494 0750 to make FREE international calls.


2. Send us a message HERE with their landline or mobile number that they will use to call the above 0870 number. We need this to calculate their minutes.


3. Once your referral reaches 1000 minutes, you will be paid £30 around the 5th of the following month.


4. There is absolutely no limit on how many people you can refer.


5. Explain to your friends and family members how this Service works.


6. Make sure they can call 0870 numbers for free from their landline or mobile Service provider.


Please send us a message or send us an email to support@makefreecalls.o.uk if you have any queries.